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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

hello. my name is tashiko akuma pestini

this is me taking a break from typing this blog

I’m the queen of the house. my staff consists of lenora, who feeds me – when she remembers – and who makes, and breaks promises. like when the last dog left, and she promised, there would be no more dogs, and now there is this annoying little dog named paco belle who sleeps in my bed with my person. lenora calls her a pit bullet, I call her pest.

anyhow, lenora, who sometimes remembers to feed me – and the pest – has been working on writing a novel. I, of course, have no idea what a novel is, but suspicion it’s something she holds in her hands while in bed, and gets irritated at me if I get between her and whatever it is she keeps looking at. she keeps saying she needs to get her blog updated, and finally, just to get some peace and quiet, and not listen to her whine and whimper, I have decided to write an entry or two for her.

maybe she’ll purr for me now.

better yet, maybe she’ll see I’m really very important, and get rid of the barking pest.

oh, dear. lenora is coming back from her writer’s meeting. I need to get this posted. do you think she’ll be surprised when she reads it. do you think she’ll get rid of the dog. do you think she will realize I am truly a queen and start treating me like one. do you think she’ll remember to feed me. please tell her what a good job i did. and tell her to get rid of the dog -- and to feed me.

this is me in my favorite place. don't i have gorgeous blue eyes.