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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Kitchen Remo Update and Eating the Scenery

Remember the old saying about no good deed shall go unpunished? Well, no good remodel shall go without humor!

I was sooo happy to have a fan that a. vented to the outside and b. really worked.... I still am. However, this fan, my beautiful new red fan that matches my beautiful new red stove is a real powerhouse. It sucks air out of the kitchen and blows it outside--down the roof, and sucks it right back in through any open door or window on the back of the house! Who woulda thunk it? (I'll see if there s a way to re-direct the flow. Alas, I fear not...)

It's no big deal, but in nice weather I tend to leave the back door open so the critters can get out and in without having to bother one of the humans in the house. Yesterday, I had an oven-smoked Texas style brisket in the oven all day cooking low and slow. The reason for such a good fan is so I don't fill the house with yummy cooking odors -- I like the smell of cooking food, but not all day long.

The brisket turned out delicious, thank you. And, now that I think about it, the Paco Belle spent most of the day shut outside. Didn't seem to bother her much.

If you like to cook, or just read abut cooking, please check out my friend's blog, Eating the Scenery at: . Becky is a marvelous cook, a Master Gardener, a truly great person, and a very good friend!

I think summer may actually be here - we skipped spring this year - it's been wet, cool, not at all desertly, but now, maybe, we're getting some warmth and sunshine. Hope you are, too!

Monday, June 7, 2010

It's Monday - yet, again!

Goodest Monday to all you who check in now and again.

Not much has been going on in this house for the last week. I've managed to do very little writing, but just finished reading a marvelous book: Genghis Khan - Life, Death, and Resurrection --by John Man. For those of you who enjoy real history (not the stuff I write ;-), especially of Asia, I strongly recommend you read some of his books. I have now read 3 - one on The Great Wall, and one on Attila. The latter rather surprised me--I had no idea I was even interested in reading about Attila, and bought the book because John Man wrote it. Once I started it, I could not put it down until I got to the last page.

Perhaps one of the reasons I'm drawn to Asian history is my DNA. My mtDNA, to be precise. I had it tested some time ago, and my however many Great Grandmothers (like all of ours) originally walked out of Africa. Mine went north, through what is now known as Eurasia, and eventually ended up somewhere in what is now Germany before coming to America.

Perhaps one of the reasons I'm drawn to Asian history is my mother, who loved all things Chinese.

I believe summer may be close at hand. We've had several days of cool, grey, and even wet. Today is scheduled to be sunny and warm (79). I hope whoever is in charge of the weather follows the schedule. I'm ready for sunny days, warm days, and mostly dry days. (There is a reason I moved to the desert;-) Perhaps I can even get some decent photos to share with you next time.

Have yourselves a great week.